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September 7, 2016 Press Release

For Immediate Release

September 7, 2016


New Products, Services offered by Future Generation Ag, LLC

Future Generation Ag, LLC is now offering customers forage mixes, says Wayne Ebersole, General Manager with Future Generation Ag LLC.

“We’re entering the forage market with a very versatile 4-way mix that can be used just as a cover crop, but also provides excellent spring or fall grazing or spring forage production,” Ebersole says. This new blend contains FGA Winter Forage Triticale, Buckshot Annual Ryegrass, Crimson Clover, and Bullseye Radish. 

In addition to the new forage mix, FGA now also carries Dwarf Essex Rapeseed, a new single species brassica that can be planted later in the fall than a cover crop radish, produces more forage than a radish, and can survive through the winter in many parts of the country.

“We can also offer custom cover crop mixes made to a farmer’s specifications. We’re prepared to offer mixes from just a two-variety mix up to a 12-way mix,” Ebersole says. “There is a minimum requirement of at least 1000 lbs. for each requested custom mix.”

For more information, go to To contact Future Generation Ag, call toll-free at (844) 993-331, or email them at


May 17, 2016 Press Release

“US Agriculture has made a lot of progress in cover crop use over the past few years,” says Wayne Ebersole, General Manager with Future Generation Ag LLC, a newly formed cover crop seed and advisory company, based in Leola, PA. “But we still have a long way to go in order to adequately protect and rebuild our cropland.”

To help accomplish this, Ebersole and the other three seasoned cover crop experts, Josh Riker, Jay Lapp, and Konrad Martin, recently launched Future Generation Ag. The four had worked together at Cover Crop Solutions before that company was dissolved earlier this year.


“We decided to try to build back the good we saw in Cover Crop Solutions,” Ebersole says. “We’ve been able to procure seed supplies to make several different cover crop mixes, all similar to those we previously sold.”


As the company begins operations, they’ll offer seed of their Bullseye Radish™, Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™, FGA Crimson Clover, FGA Winter Pea, FGA Winter Forage Triticale, and Cereal Rye. In addition to single species of seed, they’ll also have six premixed blends available through the CoverMax brand.

All of the partners are committed to reclaiming, restoring, and improving soil health in order to produce wholesome, nutritious crops for food and feed. They’re prepared to help customers use cover crops to this end.

“We’re very excited to have access to a number of seasoned cover crop experts with decades of experience and expertise in soil health,” Ebersole says. “We’ll rely on their assistance and our own experience at Cover Crop Solutions to help answer your questions and make sure you have the right products and production information for your farm.”

“We want to continue our work in the cover crop seed industry with a fresh vision for helping seed dealers grow their businesses, and a continued passion for helping farmers improve their soil stewardship,” says Konrad Martin, sales manager for the new venture.

For more information, go to To contact Future Generation Ag, call toll-free at (844) 993-331, or email them at


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