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Our Team

future generation ag member

Josh Riker - Seed Production Manager & Sales


Armed with over five years of experience in the cover crop industry, Josh brings a wealth of cover crop knowledge to the company.  As one of the first hires at Cover Crop Solutions in May of 2011, Josh has practically grown up with the cover crop industry.  With a keen sense for relationships and a broad knowledge of cover crop applications in regions across the country, both producers and growers enjoy working with Josh to find success in cover crops.  Josh is passionate about strong personal relationships and serving people's needs. He works hard to go the second mile for all his vendors and customers.  Josh loves spending time with his wife, Nicole and their four children.  His hobbies include hunting, woodworking and hiking.

future generation ag member

Konrad Martin- Sales Manager


Having a strong background in sales and marketing, Konrad joined the cover crop industry in February of 2013 when he started in sales at Cover Crop Solutions. His professional skills, sharpened while working sales in many industries, as well as his keen attention for details, make Konrad the ideal person to develop and manage a complete sales program. His pleasant personality, excellent communication skills, and thoroughness brings confidence to our customers because they know that he is working to provide them with strong relationships and the very best products. He is passionate about healthy soil, healthy food, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  Konrad loves life with his wife, Alyssa and their three children. His hobbies include playing golf, exploring local hiking trails, studying the industrial history of America, and just hanging out with friends. 

future generation ag member

Jay Lapp - Supply Chain Manager & Sales

With his outgoing and friendly personality, as well as a background in retail and food service, Jay is the one who can build relationships quickly.  Jay joined the cover crop industry in June of 2013 when he started in sales at Cover Crop Solutions.  Using his hard work and get-it-done attitude, Jay can assembly truckloads of seed orders quickly and efficiently.  Our customers are very loyal to Jay because they know him to be one that can get them what they need when they need it.  His straight forward and clear communication provide assurances to all that he is knowledgeable of cover crops and can deliver the goods on time, every time.  His passion for good food and having a good ol' time, make Jay a natural fit in the farming community.  Jay loves spending time with his wife, Becca and their two girls.  He enjoys playing golf, finding the local food spots, and building custom reclaimed wood projects. 

future generation ag member

Wayne Ebersole - General Manager 


With a background in retail and information systems and a love for managing growing businesses, Wayne joined the cover crop industry in January of 2013 when he started in the sales and marketing area of Cover Crop Solutions. Wayne grew up on a small farmette in PA and owned a small herd of registered Angus brood cows. He currently experiments with farming on his 8 acre field, trying various varieties of corn and soybeans.  He is passionate about reclaiming, restoring and improving soil health, allowing America's farmers to increase their cash crop yields. He fervently believes that healthy soil, infused with life, vitality and fertility, produces nutrient-dense food which awards humanity with health and strength.  He values quality time with his wife, Sarah and their six children.  His hobbies including flying airplanes, building and maintaining saltwater aquariums, and playing some golf now and then. 

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