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Coaching and Consulting

Suicide rates among farmers is climbing at an alarming rate.  It is more than double that of veterans. 

Most farmers today are slaves to their banks, their equipment companies, and chemical companies.  Has there ever been a time when the foundation of our economies requires such a huge investment for so little return? No wonder the average age for the US farmer is is 56 years old and rising.  Younger folks can't even afford to get started in agriculture.

There's a paradigm shift happening in western agriculture today.  For the last 60 years soil has largely been viewed as a plant medium, a place to run water and chemicals through to grow stuff. 

But there is a better way.  One that provides more profit through less inputs, better yields, and sustainability with less capital investment.   Soil now becomes it's own living organism, working for you to provide the nutrients and minerals that your crop needs.  

If you're a farmer who is desperate for something better, we can help you make the transition to more profit through our coaching and consulting programs. 


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