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Products & Services

Products and Services

It is our goal at Future Generation Ag, to provide you with high quality cover crop products at affordable prices.


Having worked with producers all over the United States, we have assembled cover crop solutions for both beginners and experts. Whether you want a simple, single specie product, or a convenient pre-bagged mix, we have what you need.


Our products are high quality, proven seed genetics, as well as researched and farm tested mixing ratios. This, combined with our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, gives you the confidence you need to make cover crops pay for you.

High Caliber Single-Species Cover Crop Products
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Original genetics selected and developed especially for cover crop applications by the University of Maryland's Dr. Ray Weil and Steve Groff, PA farmer.

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Single genetics in the bag produce a deeper root mass for improved soil structure; uniform stand and maturity for easier control.

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Premium Sunn Hemp is a tropical legume that can rapidly fix nitrogen or as part of a quick, 60-day, high production forage mix.

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Powerful Multi-Species Cover Crop Mixes
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CoverMax™ Mixes

These powerful multi-species cover crop mixes deliver proven results that will improve your soils health and vitality.

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Interested in working with a Cover Crop Coach?

If you're wondering how you could  incorporate cover crops into your regular crop rotation or if you'd like to transition from conventional tillage to no-till planting, a cover crop coach might be what you need. 


From periodic phone or video calls to regular onsite visits, we can customize a cover crop coaching plan that fits your needs and budget.  


Click here to fill out the form and find out if cover crop coaching is right for you. 

High Quality Commodity Cover Crop Products
  • FGA Crimson Clover

  • FGA Winter Pea

  • FGA Winter Forage Triticale

  • Cover Crop Radish

  • Cereal Rye

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