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CoverMax™ Mixes

Our CoverMax™ Mixes, with multiple cover crop seed species, have a proven track record of improving soil health in various parts of the world.  We are constantly working to make improvments in the capacity and productivity of our mixes.  

Our mixes are catagorized into three catagories:

Click on one of the previous bullet points to quickly find the right catagory of mixes for you.

12 Gauge Forage Mix™ 

A Four-Way Mix - Excellent for Forage Production, Grazing, and Fall Cover Crop

In this 12 Gauge Forage Mix™, FGA Winter Forage Triticale provides the protein and the bulk of the forage dry matter.  Buckshot™ Annual ryegrass provides additional energy.  Protein levels and nutrient density are turbocharged by the presence of FGA Crimson Clover and Bull™ Radish.

  • FGA Winter Forage Triticale – High-quality winter hardy forage triticale with high protein levels.

  • Buckshot Annual Ryegrass – High-energy grass with a dense fibrous roots to take up left over nutrients.

  • FGA Crimson Clover – Cool season legume that fixes nitrogen and increases protein levels.

  • Bull Radish – Improves soil quality and brings minerals to the surface for the forage grasses to utilize in the spring; provides rapid establishment in the fall for earlier grazing opportunity.

Forage Production

Seeding rate

  • Drilled (7.5” rows): 80–120 lbs./acre (can be planted as high as 150 lbs.)

  • Seeding depth:       1”

Planting window:  At least 4 weeks before first killing frost


Fall Fertility requirements: A small amount of nitrogen or manure is recommended. If planted following corn silage, little to no fertility may be required.  There is a direct correlation to increased top growth when added nutrients are applied at time of planting; however, it is usually not required.

Spring Fertility requirements:  Spring application of 30-50 lbs. per acre of nitrogen should be applied after dormancy.

Cover Crop / Grazing

Seeding Rates

  • Drilled:          40-50 lbs./acre

  • Broadcast:     50-60 lbs./acre

Planting window for cover crop and spring grazing: At least 2 weeks before first killing frost.

Planting window for fall grazing: At least 6 weeks before first killing frost.

Buckshot Annual Ryegrass logo
Bullseye Radish logo

Our CoverMax™ mixes feature the following products:

Starter and Summer Time Mixes

Starter Mixes
CoverMax .22 mix logo
CoverMax .22™ Mix
Bull Radish™ and FGA Oats

For Quick Fall Cover and Spring Ground Cover 

The CoverMax .22 Mix is often referred to as the cover crop mix with "training wheels." It is an excellent mix for the grower who is just starting out in cover crops or wants a cover crop product that is easy to use.  CoverMax .22 Mix combines two excellent N scavengers – Bullseye Radish™ and FGA Oats in this mix that grows rapidly in cool weather and is ideal for quick fall cover. Bull Radish™ breaks up soil, even in the compaction zone, with its long, singular taproot to create thick channels 30” or deeper. CoverMax .22 enhances seedbeds, provides more ground cover in spring, helps control erosion, works to help control harmful nematodes, and will winter kill for easy spring management. 

CoverMax .270™ Mix

For Fertilizer Reduction and N Retention

The high performance CoverMax .270™ Mix delivers benefits of Bull Radish™, the only proven yield-boosting cover crop radish, and absorbs soil nitrogen and other key nutrients with its unique taproot that grows 30” and deeper. FGA Crimson Clover converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available nitrogen, helping reduce fertilizer input while improving soil health by adding organic matter. Maximum N is achieved at the first flowering of FGA Crimson Clover. 

Bull Radish™ and FGA Crimson Clover
CoverMax .270 mix logo
CoverMax 30-30 mix logo
FGA Sun Hemp and FGA Pearl Millet
CoverMax 30-30™ Mix

The CoverMax 30-30™ Mix is a true soil builder, helping to restore soil health following challenging conditions like extended drought or flood. The Sun Hemp is a tropical warm weather legume that thrives in dry conditions and poor soil, and suppresses nematodes. It can produce over 60 lbs of N in 6 weeks. 

The FGA Pearl Millet adds plenty of biomass both in above ground and with its roots. This mix can be used as a grazing mix or mixed with Bull Radish™ for a cover crop mix. Ideal for planting during the summer after small grains, prevent planting acres, or early harvested vegetable crops. 

ARG Mixes

Annual Ryegrass-Based Mixes

CoverMax .243 mix logo
Bull Radish™ and Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™
CoverMax .243™ Mix

The CoverMax .243™ Mix is great for:

  • Scavenging and holding nutrients through the fall and spring

  • Provides a uniform certified annual ryegrass for easier spring control

  • Dense, deep root network for soil compaction relief

  • Good forage for fall or spring grazing

CoverMax .243™ is a combination of two excellent fall nitrogen scavengers – Bull Radish™ and Buckshot Annual Ryegrass. The cool season growth and the combination of rooting types lead to great fall and spring N uptake which reduces nitrogen leaching over the winter and early spring. The dense, deep root network of the two scavengers are well suited to alleviate soil compaction.

CoverMax .243™ is a great selection when looking for excellent nutrient capture, and a slower nutrient release to prevent early leaching losses. Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™ provides a wider window for control in the spring than cereal rye does. CoverMax .243™ produces a high quality forage for grazing in the fall. While Bull Radish™ is winter-terminated in most areas, the remaining Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™ can be grazed or harvested for silage in the spring.

CoverMax .308™ Mix
CoverMax .308 mix logo
Bull Radish™ Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™ and FGA Crimson Clover

The CoverMax .308™ Mix is great for:

  • Accumulating and retaining nutrients from fall through spring

  • Three distinct cover crops species from diverse plant families to help promote a diversified soil biology

  • A balance of fall uptake, spring growth, and favorable C:N ratios for favorable nutrient release timing

  • Can add some nitrogen through fixation by crimson clover

  • Good forage for fall or spring grazing

CoverMax .308™ combines FGA Crimson Clover with two fall N scavengers, Bull Radish™ and Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™. The cool season growth and combination of these three root types lead to great nitrogen uptake and reduced nitrogen losses over the winter and in early spring.

CoverMax .308™ is a good choice when seeking nutrient capture, nitrogen fixation and slower nutrient release in the spring to prevent early leaching losses. While the Bull Radish™ is usually winter-terminated, Buckshot Annual Ryegrass™ and FGA Crimson Clover allow a wider window for control in the spring than with cereal rye. CoverMax .308™ makes a high quality forage for grazing and can be harvested for silage in the spring.

Trit Mixes

Triticale-Based Mixes

CoverMax .357 mix logo
CoverMax .357™ Mix
Bull Radish™ and FGA Winter Forage Triticale

Easy Management and Quick Spring Biomass

The CoverMax .357 Mix provides a bundle of benefits, starting with our incredible Bull Radish™ taproot that blasts right through tough compaction. The winter hardy FGA Winter Forage Triticale excels at soaking up any leftover N from previous crops or manure application. The CoverMax .357 Mix can be used as a forage crop by adding one bag of FGA Winter Forage Triticale with one bag of CoverMax .357 Mix and doubling the seeding rates. This is the mix you need where it is certain there is plenty of N or you have nutrients from manure application that you want to catch in the fall and release in the spring. 

Bull Radish™ FGA Winter Forage Triticale and FGA Crimson Clover
CoverMax .44 mix logo
CoverMax .44™ Mix

Nitrogen Production and improving Soil Structure

The CoverMax .44M Mix, with our incredible Bull Radish™, is designed to break up soil compaction with its aggressive taproot, creating soil channels 30” or deep. This unique nitrogen storage tank holds N and other nutrients over winter and releases them as needed by the following cash crops. FGA Winter Forage Triticale soaks up additional N in the fall as well as in the spring, keeping any nitrogen from leaching until the following cash crop can utilize it. FGA Crimson Clover can add up to 50 lbs of additional nitrog in the spring. 

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